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  • Oi - The bike bell

    Bike bells generally look and sound a bit ugly. But why? What if they looked sexy and sounded like an angel playing a glockenspiel?.

    $1,078,634 USD
    6,846% 0 Days left
  • CowTech Ciclop 3D Printer

    Use your own 3D printer along with the Ciclop scanner kit to create an incredibly affordable, high quality, 3D laser scanner..

    $183,800 USD
    254% 0 Days left
  • PENSE Apple Pencil Case

    PenSe: The simple and effective case for your Apple Pencil. Think PenSe & add protection that's magnetic!

    $38,076 USD
    3,078% 0 Days left
  • PACE- Smart Car

    PACE verbindet dein Auto mit deinem Handy und macht Autofahren sicherer, stressfreier & günstiger | PACE turns your car into a smartcar

    $3,37,347 USD
    1,503% 0 Days left
  • FUBi fixie

    Looks like most bikes, but folds up in seconds and have the same features and design as a normal bike

    SEK 567,608USD
    2,851% 0 Days left
  • Lifepack Backpack

    We've re-invented the mobile office. Solar powered USB charger, Bluetooth speakers & a patented integrated lock

    $1,213,730 USD
    1,364% 0 Days left
  • GPD WIN Intel Game Console

    The World's First 5.5 Inch Handheld PC/Gaming Console Based on Windows 10 System.

    $719,623 USD
    1,501% 0 Days left
  • Cubetto

    A playful programming language you can touch. Montessori approved, and LOGO Turtle inspired. Learn programming away from the screen..

    $1,596,457 USD
    3,513% 0 Days left

    Ultralight thermal mattress pad that optimizes your sleep cycle and improves your sleep quality.

    $261,852 USD
    2,591% 0 Days left
  • Aurai Eye Messager

    Aurai - The first wearable water technology to protect your eyes from modern technology

    $352,716 USD
    1,238% 0 Days left
  • TrapTap

    TrapTap is a legal and simple device that you put anywhere in your car to be warned of speed traps, school zones, & red light cameras.

    $393,214 USD
    1,888% 0 Days left
  • UDOO X86

    10 times more powerful than Raspberry Pi 3, x86 64-bit architecture

    $800,211 USD
    701% 0 Days left
  • EcoQube Air

    Improve your quality of life, add healthy air, be more productive, and grow plants easily..

    $305,746 USD
    909% 0 Days left
  • Mover Kit.

    An educational toy kids build themselves that reacts to your movement with light and can be coded in infinite ways!

    $129,311 USD
    1,041% 0 Days left
  • SilverTech

    From outer space to your underwear drawer. Sustainable organic boxers, socks and t-shirts. No stink or sweat. Kills 99,9% of bacteria.

    $193,469 USD
    1818% 0 Days left
  • Blinkers

    Blinkers is an integral safety solution for urban cyclists. We want to make cycling safe with a next generation bike light set

    908% 0 Days left
  • BioLite BaseLantern

    Experience big light, shareable energy, and smarter control with the world’s first connected flatpack lantern.

    $816,966 USD
    1029% Days left
  • Nura Headphone

    Headphones with in-ear and over-ear design that automatically tune to your unique hearing profile in 30sec. Hear and feel every note.

    $1,803,988 USD
    1,088% 0 Days left
  • WiCAM

    Imagine a camera that's smaller and wireless that you install anywhere. That’s WiCAM. The coin cam!

    $127,073 USD
    133% 0 Hours left
  • ASAP Connect

    Revolutionary 18K gold plated magnetic USB cable changing the way you connect to your phone forever

    $582,865 USD
    1316% 0 Days left
  • ASAP Dash- Fast Charger

    World's Fastest Battery Pack. Charges enough power in 15 minutes to charge an iPhone 5 to 100% twice

    $225,449 USD
    577% 0 Days left
  • Ampple IPAD speaker

    Upgrade iPad’s sound with electronically amplified stereo without sacrificing portability and looks.

    $54,535 USD
    542% 0 Days left
  • Today

    The 24-hour timepiece beautifully designed to change the way you see your day.

    $284,702 USD
    539% 0 Days left
  • GlareSmile

    The first toothbrush that automatically ensures the correct brushing technique in just 10 seconds, saving time, improving oral health.

    $101,106 USD
    508% 0 Days left

    ELWN FIT has solved the agony of other Bluetooth Earbuds: FIT & BATTERY LIFE. Plus a built-in microphone & HD sound?! Rock on.

    $366,065 USD
    351% 0 Days left
  • Little Engineer!

    The hands-on coding game that expands your child's interest in STEM, programming, and creating.

    $102,143 USD
    333% 0 Days left
  • Golchi Bottle

    Golchi holds 2 beverages of different temperatures at once, has a modular design & 15 other features

    $461,820 USD
    295% 0 Days left
  • Perfect Memory Camera

    A powerful camera this small, packing pro specs. Carry it everyday, wireless, save video after fact.

    $216,513 USD
    141% 0 Days left
  • Livia

    The Off Switch for Menstrual Pain.

    $1,442,355 USD
    326% 0 Days left
  • EKSTER Wallet

    Ultra-slim trackable wallets with quick card access at the click of a button. ALMOST SOLD-OUT!

    $976,495 USD
    287% 0 Days left
  • BEDDI Smart Alarm Clock

    App-enabled alarm clock/speaker that wakes you up with music and light, and prepare coffee for you!.

    $214,587 USD
    260% 0 Days left
  • KUAI Headphones

    Smart headphones with sensors, voice feedback and training plans to help achieve your fitness goals.

    $260,047 USD
    477% 0 Days left

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Christopher Wurts
Christopher Wurts
CEO, Autism Village

We used the list from Crowdfunding Ninjas and had an excellent response. Having articles and write ups for your early loyal crowdfunding backers to share throughout your campaign is critical. Accessing journalists who like to write about the space is a real shortcut to success

Jessica chan
Jessica chan
CEO, j-dotdesign.com

Thank you crowdfundingninjas! As a startup and on kickstarter, exposure is huge. Reaching out to the right people can be pretty vital. Crowdfunding Ninja was definitely an asset and helped me to narrow down some of those key people that aided in our campaign to gain more exposure. I have spent sleepless nights emailing, seeking out reporters, blogging, forums etc. Crowdfunding Ninja’s list however helped to cut out some time and included some great contacts!


We have sent an anonce about TRIVOLTY project and about Pre-launching our indiegogo campaign in October.
It was an excellent opportunity to inform the addressee! And many of them have answered me that they had been interested in our project!
As result, we have received a unique opportunity to contact with journalists, to tell them about us and our awesome project and to connect us with the readers around the world.

Enyoung Cho
Enyoung Cho
CEO, Innopresso

’Sidd’ worked very hard and kept his promise. He really helped me to spread ‘Moky’ to major presses.

Andrea Rovai
Andrea Rovai

Crowdfunding Ninjas from My Personal Exprience with Kickstarter campaign this media agency delivers a LOT but still is very Cheap

Valeria Leonardi
Valeria Leonardi

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