15 Killer Social Media Tips For Crowdfunding Campaigns

15 Killer Social Media Tips For Crowdfunding Campaigns

A well marketed crowdfunding campaign will pull in the crowds and funds. It will bring in top-quality backers who won’t mind spending a lot to get your product or cause off the ground!

What people don’t realize is that you need a solid foundation to run a crowdfunding campaign. This foundation can be achieved through several ways. One of the most important is your ability to get noticed on social media sites. It’s highly important that you leverage the power of social media to your advantage. This article will help you build formidable social media presence for your crowdfunding campaign.

  1. Study your target audience

It’s important that you analyze the target audience you wish to approach to fund your campaign.

  • What are their preferences?
  • Which social media sites do they visit?

Perform a detailed analysis and create a brief document that highlights your findings. Create crowdfunding pages on these social media sites and engage with new audiences. It’s the first step towards building awareness for your campaign.

  1. Use social media as a testing ground

Social media will help you understand how well your crowdfunding campaign will be received. Use it as a testing ground to gain insights from potential backers. Listen to them as they share valuable advice on how you can improve the offering. Use their advice as essential tools to fine-tune your offering.

If your product is poorly received by followers, then it may not succeed as part of a crowdfunding campaign.

  1. Don’t just rely on your private network of friends

You may be having 1000 friends on Facebook. But you should look beyond them to get attention for your upcoming crowdfunding campaign. As mentioned above, create exclusive pages to describe your product. Share the link on multiple pages and target as many people as you can.

  1. Launch your social media campaign months in advance

It’s important that you drive attention towards your product or cause long before the actual crowdfunding campaign. The social media profiles you create should actively promote the product or cause you wish to highlight.

Don’t wait till you launch your campaign on Indiegogo or Kickstarter to begin your marketing activities. It may be too late by then.

  1. Don’t wait for people to approach you

Okay, you now have a page. What’s the next step? Don’t think that people will approach your page from day 1. You will have to aggressively pursue your audience through interactive posts.

Remember this – an inactive page will serve as a nail in the coffin for your crowdfunding campaign!

  1. Create a hashtag for your campaign

A hashtag will help spread your message. Create an attractive hashtag for your upcoming campaign. Use it extensively on your social media profiles. This will help spread word about your campaign.

  1. Don’t worry about quantity – focus on quality

Your main focus should be on the quality of posts you create on these pages, not the number of followers you gain.

Create visually appealing posts with engaging content – this will attract the attention of many people. They will be interested to know what you have in store for them.

Have a genuine content developer create attractive copy for your social media pages.

  1. Observe other popular social media campaigns

So what kind of posts should you make? Check out other popular pages to get a fair idea of the kind of posts followers like to read.

Your posts should be informative – don’t just focus on your products or cause. Followers will get a feeling you are self-centered.

  1. Arrive at the perfect Content Mix

You will have to have the perfect mix of marketing and informative posts. The nature of posts you create should inspire readers to do as you wish. Highlighting a call to action frequently is advisable.

  1. Be confident about your approach

It takes a lot of confidence to excel on social media. Be confident about using social media as a positive tool to gain quality backers for your campaign.

  1. Launch your crowdfunding campaign only after you generate positive buzz on social media sites

There is no point launching your campaign without gaining the support and attention of your target audience. Wait till you gain quality attention from social media followers till you launch your campaign. This is a wise step that will ensure your campaign doesn’t meet with failure.

  1. Don’t stress on how much you expect backers to pledge

The main focus should be to highlight your products. Highlight your offering in great detail. Give potential backers a detailed overview of what they can expect. Don’t stress on pledge levels – they can wait till the actual crowdfunding campaign.

  1. Approach journalists to talk about your social media campaign

Journalists are always on the lookout for interesting tidbits they can share. Why not approach them to highlight your page on Facebook or Twitter? If they like your idea, they will definitely share it among their followers – and journalists usually have huge fan following!

  1. Run ads for more outreach

Sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn allow you to run paid ads. You must consider these ads if you are not satisfied with the publicity gained through organic visits.

  1. Don’t dump social media followers after your crowdfunding campaign is over!

It’s important that you keep your followers in good spirits even after the crowdfunding campaign is over. If your crowdfunding campaign was a success, then you should stay in touch with them through attractive posts highlighting the progress made in actual production. Let them know about the final product and when it will be delivered to their doorstep. It gives the impression that you really care about them.

If your crowdfunding campaign was a failure, then thank your followers for their support and move on!

Hope you found these 15 tips useful. Use them to give your upcoming crowdfunding campaign a big boost! All the best!