27 Epic Hacks to Turbo-Charge your crowdfunding Campaign

27 Epic Hacks to Turbo-Charge your crowdfunding Campaign

Featured in this article are 27 ways to ensure your campaign gets noticed.

  1. Don’t ignore the power of Google+!

You have probably heard a lot about the failure of Google+ to take off as a user-friendly social media site.This shouldn’t deter you from using Google+ communities. Google+ still boasts of a sizeable membership and there are crowdfunding groups to join and promote your campaign.

Just make sure you promote your campaign as an engaging story without being too preachy.

You can post your campaign in the following communities:

You can also search for more communities through Google+’s powerful custom search tool.

  1. Use Reddit’s capabilities to your advantage

There is no doubt about the reputation of Reddit as a tool to gain quality attention. I recommend you find the right subreddit to feature your campaign.

Redditers hate promotions. Make sure your post doesn’t sound self-promotional. Build a sensitive story around your campaign and hope for the best. If your post is good, people will respond by sharing and upvoting for it.

Don’t forget to engage with people in the comments section of your post. Answer any questions readers might have.

  1. Seek journalists to highlight your campaign

Reach out to journalist and ask them to cover your campaign. We provide a custom media database at a very small price (100 Journalist contacts at $70). We also offer an Outreach service. Click here for more info.

Journalist outreach is very important. Coverage on 2 websites will help you achieve traffic of more than 5000 visitors.

  1. Reach out to Bloggers

Bloggers can play a big role in promoting your campaign. It’s important you approach the right bloggers to take your campaign forward.

Check out any of the following tools to identify potential bloggers:

  • Inkybee: Type in Keywords relevant to your campaign – Inkybee will present you with a list of relevant blogs.
  • Buzzstream: Buzzstream is considered to be among the best tools to reach out to bloggers. You can search blogs on the basis of keywords. This tool also gives you access to email ids of the bloggers you wish to contact.
  • Blog Dash: Blog Dash allows you to contact bloggers from within the tool itself. It’s a neat application with a pleasing UI.

It’s easy to work with these blogger outreach tools – you will find them useful.

This is the email template you can use to contact relevant bloggers:

Hey Megan,

It’s great to meet you.

This is {Your name}, I’m a Huge fan of {Blog Name} and really impress with the quality and breadth of the content you and your team have put together.

Recently We have launched our Innovative product “{Product Name}” on Kickstarter. We have already surpassed our funding goal (Raised {Funding Amount}) with {n} days left to the campaign

{2 to 3 Line Product Description}

I am wondering if you would be interested in sharing our exciting project on {Blog Name}.   Here is our campaign Link  {Campaign Link}

I would love to hear your feedback.  If you’re interested, please let me know how I can make the writing process easier for you and your team.



  1. Reach out to friends on Facebook, LinkedIn and Gmail

Your friends and colleagues will be the first to contribute to your campaign. Make sure you contact them as well!

Facebook: Send personal messages to all your friends. Request their help for funding or promoting the campaign.

LinkedIn: Export all your LinkedIn contacts – you can do this by clicking on “Connections”. Then click on the Setting wheel. In the right column, you will find “Export LinkedIn connections”. Click It. Email all the contacts to promote your campaign.

Gmail: Export all Gmail contacts and email them for funding or Promoting

You can use the template below to send emails:

Hello {Friend Name},

Hope you are doing good.

I am mailing you to announce a great news. Recently I have launched Innovative Product “ {Product Name}” on Kickstarter

You’re the master of marketing. Any help spreading the word would be AWESOME.

We created a special page to make it easy

{Landing Page}

Thanks, {Friend Name}!  You’re the best.

-{Your Name}

PS…It’d mean the world to me if you after you clicked the link above, you fwd’ed this email to a

handful of friends, family, and co­workers. {Landing Page}


  1. Send direct emails

Invest in a database of email contacts. Send direct emails to them to establish a personal touch.

  1. Run Stumbleupon Ads

Stumbleupon ads are very effective if used in the right manner. A $20 ad can fetch you 200 visitors. If your product is good enough, people will stumble it – there is a good chance your campaign will go viral.

Just make sure you put in efforts to place your campaign in the right category & Audience.

  1. Run Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are very effective and have helped several crowdfunding ventures become a success. Here are some resources to help you create Best Facebook ads:





While setting up a Facebook campaign, make sure you choose the right category and audience.

  1. Run ads on Google Display Network

Use the AdWords tool to find blogs relevant to your campaign. Start running ads on those sites. Make sure you monitor the performance of ads – it should be cost-effective while getting your brand noticed.

  1. Buy ad space on Gadgetflow

Is your campaign about an innovative gadget? If your answer is yes, then Submit your product on gadgetflow.com. This site attracts millions of visitors on a monthly basis. You can check out the different packages available by clicking here.

Use discount code “#KICKSTARTERFORUM30” to claim 30% OFF (I am not an affiliate).

  1. Buy some Ads on Backerclub.co

Backerclub.co is a quality tool to help you gain some funding. They have 2,650 members who are frequent backers. For a fee of $299, backerclub.co will send an email highlighting your campaign to all members. They also provide guarantee of minimum $299 funding or Money back

Here is some more info to get you started.

  1. Run Press Releases

Press releases can send quality traffic to your campaign. There are several websites that do press release Distribution.

I highly recommend PRWeb – pricing starts from $99 and you can avail $50 off by using this Link

PRWeb has access to a community of 30,000 bloggers and journalists. Publish your press release at the right time. For example,  you could consider posting your press release at 9 am on Monday, Tuesday or Thursday.

We have some great writers to write press releases for you. Contact us here info@crowdfundingninjas.com.

  1. Reach out to members of Facebook pages

Search for Facebook pages related to your Industry. Message to Those Pages admin and ask if they would like to share campaign with their followers. Just make sure the pages you select have a minimum of 1000 likes.

Here is the Template you can use to send messages

Hello {FB page} Team,

Hope you are doing good, This is {My name} from {Your company name}. recently we have launched revolutionary product {Product name} on Kickstarter

 I am reaching you out to request if you could share our campaign with your followers , it will be a great help for us , your fb page is all about {Industry Name e.g Gadgets} and I am sure your followers will like our campaign. Check out our Kickstarter page {Campaign Link}



Reach out to Influencers on Twitter

Getting promoted from your industry influencer would be great deal right?

Search for influencers by using followerwork.com. Make a list of influencers. You can also use chrome tool scarper to access a big list of influencers in one click.

Follow these influencers individually and favorite their tweets. Make sure you engage with them before approaching via “Direct Message” option to promote your campaign. Just make sure you don’t spam them!

  1. Submit your link

I have compiled a list of websites where you can submit your crowdfunding campaign (Gadget/Cool Products) for free. Make use of this list for extended visibility and quality traffic.

  1. Post on Facebook Groups

We discussed about Facebook pages earlier. Facebook groups are a different ball game. It’s difficult to gain access to groups because usually they have privacy settings enabled. You will have to search for groups related to crowdfunding.  Join them and start discussions.

Here is a list of crowdfunding groups active on Facebook:

You can also search for non-crowdfunding groups that deal with products similar to yours.

  1. Post on LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups feature some of the best professionals with the financial resources required to spend on your campaign. Use LinkedIn’s Advance search to locate these groups.  Approach them and ask for campaign feedback and suggestions

Here are some crowdfunding LinkedIn groups you can join:

  1. Run Campaign on Thunderclap

Never heard of Thunderclap.it before? It is a cool tool to make your campaign viral. By this tool you can spread your campaign to thousands of people through Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter .

Try it here https://www.thunderclap.it

  1. Create a special and viral Landing Page

Here is the landing page created by a company promoting a water product (Soma Water)  – link and here is the source code. Create a similar page for your campaign. Share it with backers, social media followers and friends. Encourage them to share your campaign page.

  1. Make use of Facebook Marketing

As per research, Facebook is a major source of traffic to crowdfunding campaigns. Here are a few strategies you can use to promote your campaign through Facebook:

  • Use Postplanner to create posts featuring exciting images
  • Use “Boost the post” feature to highlight your message. A campaign worth $20 can help you reach out to more than 10,000 people!
  • Create engaging posts. Use hashtags and call to action buttons. Here is resource to create call to action button post http://www.jonloomer.com/2014/02/10/facebook-call-to-action-buttons/
  • You can create an offer for your customers through Facebook Offers


  1. Make use of Twitter Marketing

Twitter is the second major source of traffic to Crowdfunding campaigns.

Below are some strategies to promote your crowdfunding campaign on Twitter:

  • Post behind the scene photos of people running your campaign
  • Hold contests to engage with potential customers.
  • Make regular updates regarding your campaign’s progress
  • Make it a point to reply or retweet those who tweet about your campaign. Thank and follow them
  • Embed a twitter button to your profile on your crowdfunding page
  • Encourage users to share your campaign URL through tweets
  • Use the popular tool Krowdster to find new backers on twitter. Follow them and favorite their tweets.
  • Setup auto DM through www.unfollowme.com. A new follower of your page will get a custom message, asking him/her to visit and share your crowdfunding campaign page.


  1. Perform bulk Email Marketing

There are some companies that have a database of thousands of backers. I have never tested this but have heard a lot about such databases.





  1. Perform Guest Posting

Get a content writer to create content. Use tools such as Inkybee, Blog Dash or Buzzstream to find the right blogs to post in.

Check if the blogs you choose offer guest post opportunities. If they do, write a guest post and submit it.

You can use any of the search queries below on Google to find blogs that accept guest posts:

  • “Keyword” + “apply for a guest post”
  • “Keyword” + “submit a post”


  1. Throw a party!

Now this will be slightly expensive but believe me – parties can have an impact on your campaign! Call all your friends and colleagues. Invite clients as well.

Throw a party – it will give the initial boost needed to make your campaign a success.

  1. Give Podcast interviews

There are many companies who look forward to interview the people behind the latest crowdfunding campaigns. Featured below are a couple of such links:

You can also search influencers who do podcasts. Ask if he/she would like to share your story with their followers.

  1. Hire Me!

I am not boasting but I have helped several people achieve their crowdfunding goals. All I do is approach the right sites to feature their campaigns. I have worked in this industry for close to 10 years now. I know what it takes to promote campaigns.

You can get in touch with me by sending an email to info@crowdfundingninjas.com. Why choose me? The answer is simple – I will provide you with quality promotional services at the best prices online. Don’t believe me? Well, get in touch to know what I have in store for you!

  1. And finally, don’t ignore Local Advertising

Make sure you have the support of the local community. Visit stores, malls, schools and hospitals in your area. Distribute flyers at these places to draw attention to your campaign. You can also place ads in the local newspaper.

  1. Create InfoGraphics

Infographics are very useful in viral marketing. It offers a visual appeal that is difficult to beat! Create Infographics by approaching designers on Elance. After the infographic is completed, it can be shared with infographics directories, social media pages and sites such as Pinterest.

We hope you found these methods useful. Get in touch with me if you have any queries. I will be glad to help.

15 Killer Social Media Tips For Crowdfunding Campaigns

15 Killer Social Media Tips For Crowdfunding Campaigns

A well marketed crowdfunding campaign will pull in the crowds and funds. It will bring in top-quality backers who won’t mind spending a lot to get your product or cause off the ground!

What people don’t realize is that you need a solid foundation to run a crowdfunding campaign. This foundation can be achieved through several ways. One of the most important is your ability to get noticed on social media sites. It’s highly important that you leverage the power of social media to your advantage. This article will help you build formidable social media presence for your crowdfunding campaign.

  1. Study your target audience

It’s important that you analyze the target audience you wish to approach to fund your campaign.

  • What are their preferences?
  • Which social media sites do they visit?

Perform a detailed analysis and create a brief document that highlights your findings. Create crowdfunding pages on these social media sites and engage with new audiences. It’s the first step towards building awareness for your campaign.

  1. Use social media as a testing ground

Social media will help you understand how well your crowdfunding campaign will be received. Use it as a testing ground to gain insights from potential backers. Listen to them as they share valuable advice on how you can improve the offering. Use their advice as essential tools to fine-tune your offering.

If your product is poorly received by followers, then it may not succeed as part of a crowdfunding campaign.

  1. Don’t just rely on your private network of friends

You may be having 1000 friends on Facebook. But you should look beyond them to get attention for your upcoming crowdfunding campaign. As mentioned above, create exclusive pages to describe your product. Share the link on multiple pages and target as many people as you can.

  1. Launch your social media campaign months in advance

It’s important that you drive attention towards your product or cause long before the actual crowdfunding campaign. The social media profiles you create should actively promote the product or cause you wish to highlight.

Don’t wait till you launch your campaign on Indiegogo or Kickstarter to begin your marketing activities. It may be too late by then.

  1. Don’t wait for people to approach you

Okay, you now have a page. What’s the next step? Don’t think that people will approach your page from day 1. You will have to aggressively pursue your audience through interactive posts.

Remember this – an inactive page will serve as a nail in the coffin for your crowdfunding campaign!

  1. Create a hashtag for your campaign

A hashtag will help spread your message. Create an attractive hashtag for your upcoming campaign. Use it extensively on your social media profiles. This will help spread word about your campaign.

  1. Don’t worry about quantity – focus on quality

Your main focus should be on the quality of posts you create on these pages, not the number of followers you gain.

Create visually appealing posts with engaging content – this will attract the attention of many people. They will be interested to know what you have in store for them.

Have a genuine content developer create attractive copy for your social media pages.

  1. Observe other popular social media campaigns

So what kind of posts should you make? Check out other popular pages to get a fair idea of the kind of posts followers like to read.

Your posts should be informative – don’t just focus on your products or cause. Followers will get a feeling you are self-centered.

  1. Arrive at the perfect Content Mix

You will have to have the perfect mix of marketing and informative posts. The nature of posts you create should inspire readers to do as you wish. Highlighting a call to action frequently is advisable.

  1. Be confident about your approach

It takes a lot of confidence to excel on social media. Be confident about using social media as a positive tool to gain quality backers for your campaign.

  1. Launch your crowdfunding campaign only after you generate positive buzz on social media sites

There is no point launching your campaign without gaining the support and attention of your target audience. Wait till you gain quality attention from social media followers till you launch your campaign. This is a wise step that will ensure your campaign doesn’t meet with failure.

  1. Don’t stress on how much you expect backers to pledge

The main focus should be to highlight your products. Highlight your offering in great detail. Give potential backers a detailed overview of what they can expect. Don’t stress on pledge levels – they can wait till the actual crowdfunding campaign.

  1. Approach journalists to talk about your social media campaign

Journalists are always on the lookout for interesting tidbits they can share. Why not approach them to highlight your page on Facebook or Twitter? If they like your idea, they will definitely share it among their followers – and journalists usually have huge fan following!

  1. Run ads for more outreach

Sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn allow you to run paid ads. You must consider these ads if you are not satisfied with the publicity gained through organic visits.

  1. Don’t dump social media followers after your crowdfunding campaign is over!

It’s important that you keep your followers in good spirits even after the crowdfunding campaign is over. If your crowdfunding campaign was a success, then you should stay in touch with them through attractive posts highlighting the progress made in actual production. Let them know about the final product and when it will be delivered to their doorstep. It gives the impression that you really care about them.

If your crowdfunding campaign was a failure, then thank your followers for their support and move on!

Hope you found these 15 tips useful. Use them to give your upcoming crowdfunding campaign a big boost! All the best!

15 Reasons Why Your Next Crowdfunding Campaign Will Fail

15 Reasons Why Your Next Crowdfunding Campaign Will Fail

Many people wrongly assume that crowdfunding is the easiest way to fund a new venture. They are only partly right. A crowdfunding campaign may be easy to set up but it takes a lot of effort to make it successful.

Take a detailed look at successful crowdfunding campaigns. You will notice a pattern – all of them feature a product or cause that strikes a chord with the audience. What kind of product or cause do you wish to highlight in your campaign? Do you think it will get noticed by your target audience?

This article will help you plan for your next crowdfunding campaign by highlighting 15 reasons why you may fail. View these reasons as cautionary words of advice. Make use of the pointers featured here to follow the right marketing path to excellence.

  1. Not having the right plan in place

A crowdfunding campaign needs a solid plan to succeed. You will have to perform thorough research to arrive at the right approach for your campaign.

Go through 10 to 15 successful campaigns and understand how it became successful. Similarly, go through unsuccessful campaigns and try to analyze why they failed. Use the insights gained to plan and create the perfect crowdfunding campaign!

  1. Having flimsy goals for the campaign

What do you seek to achieve through the campaign? List your goals in a clear and detailed manner. Leave no doubts in the reader’s mind. You should provide accurate deliverables and timelines that appear feasible to the reader. This helps to connect with the reader, ensuring he contributes to your campaign.

  1. Not reaching out to a widespread audience

Let’s suppose you have a brilliant campaign hosted on a reputed crowdfunding site. What’s the next step? Don’t assume that people will reach out to you – it’s the other way around actually. You will have to spread news about your campaign on as many sites as possible. Create press releases and share links to your crowdfunding sites on social media.

The more people you reach out to, the higher chances of your campaign becoming successful.

  1. Failure to reach out to family and friends

Most campaigns receive significant contributions from friends and family members. Make sure you reach out to them and gain their support. Their contributions will help lay the foundation for the success of your campaign.

The contributions made by them will give the impression that your campaign is doing well. More people will be inclined to fund your campaign. So reach out to your family and friends – take them out for lunch if the need arises.

  1. Absence of a video

Most crowdfunding followers get a better understanding of the product or cause through videos. Don’t hesitate to hire a freelancer to create the perfect video for you. The video should be creative, engaging and witty!

On the other hand, a poorly created video will work against your campaign. So make sure you have the right video representing you.

  1. Not giving importance to thumbnails

In most crowdfunding sites, the thumbnail image is the first thing prospective backers see. Make sure yours looks engaging and creative. Visit successful crowdfunding campaigns to understand how they used thumbnails. Use these insights to create the perfect thumbnail image that explains your campaign cleverly.

  1. Poorly planned campaign Title and Subtitle

A lot of thought must be given to arrive at the perfect title for your crowdfunding campaign. Again, visit other campaigns to explore ideas to help you create the perfect title.

Approach a content guy to create attractive copy to represent you on the crowdfunding site. Make sure the Title looks unique. There may be other products similar to yours featured on the site. You will have to create a USP that sets you apart from the rest!


  1. Looking beyond your current set of followers on social media sites

Promoting your product or cause on social media is a good thing. Make sure you look beyond your current set of followers. Reach out to as many people on social media by sharing the link to your campaign on relevant groups.

  1. Not highlighting your strengths and credentials

A successful campaign is the brainchild of a creative and inspiring individual. He has a clear vision for the campaign. He is firm about the goals he seeks to achieve and the deliverables he commits to.

Make sure you dedicate a couple of lines to describe your expertise vis-à-vis the product or cause you wish to seek funds for. Having an expert at the helm is a big plus.

  1. Failure to include visual images

People love visual images. Make sure your campaign is promoted by a good share of attractive images. These images should be relevant, visually appealing and great to look at.

If you are seeking funds for a product, then make sure you have as many images of it as possible. This will help you save time and connect with readers quicker.

  1. Failure to communicate with backers

Every campaign features a comment section. This is where backers share their feedback. They may sing praises or vent their frustration. Engage with them by responding with the latest updates to the project.

Backers love people who take the effort to reach out to them.

  1. Unclear pledge levels

Sites with vague pledge levels are a major put-off. Potential backers expect to have clear pledge levels mentioned on the campaign page. Think over the kind of pledge levels you want associated with your campaign. Verify its potential to attract backers – only then should you proceed to list it on your site.

  1. Unclear details on shipping

Let’s assume your crowdfunding campaign is a success. You then start mass production of these products. The problem is that shipping can be expensive at times. This forces the creator to avoid sending the finished products to backers. The product begins to sell in the marketplace though – this is where you lose a great deal of face.

Specify shipping charges if any or how you intend to send products out to backers.

  1. Treating the campaign like a hobby

A campaign needs several hours of your attention each day. Make sure you are able to find considerable time to promote it while interacting with backers.

People who treat their campaigns as a hobby are not really serious about meeting with success. Are you in the same boat? If yes, then it’s high time you adopt a positive attitude and aggressive attitude towards such campaigns.

  1. Waiting till the last moment to promote your campaign

A lot of people start promoting their campaigns very late. For example, a majority of campaigns are promoted aggressively only a week or two after launch. This is a wrong move. These late promotions are reactionary steps taken after noticing no or minimal activities on the campaign page.

Be pro-active and give your campaign the boost it deserves! You should start marketing activities well in advance – at least a month before you launch your campaign. This gives potential backers the time to get acquainted and prepared for your campaign launch.

The 15 reasons featured here provide you with valuable lessons on what to avoid for your next campaign. Read through them and fine-tune your approach to campaigns! We wish you the very best!

Get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding crowdfunding campaigns. Our team of campaign experts will provide you with quality insights to drive your business or cause forward.